Our Founder

     When you first see a Happy Heart signature embroidered sweatshirt I hope that it brings a smile to your face. I hope that the soft shades remind you of warm summer days and you can picture yourself wearing it while doing all the things that bring you happiness. 

     When I was a little girl my Nannie would always ask me, "Is your heart happy?" This saying, that I frequently heard, allowed me to reflect upon all the things in my life that brought me happiness. When this brand was still just a dream my sole goal was to do something that would allow others to reflect on what brings them happiness. I desire is that our products do this for you and that when wearing our products you are reminded of all that makes you happy. Furthermore, that Happy Heart inspires youto find ways to bring happiness into others life too. My hope is that you celebrate each and every day and that your heart will always be happy.